The 8th International BUILDAIR-Symposium „Building and Ductwork Air Tightness in Practice“ in 2013 addresses to the experienced practitioners as well as to the beginners in this topic. As usual we impart practical oriented user knowledge and the intensive exchange between the participants.

The current EPBD makes it necessary to plan the air tightness of the building envelope and to design it professionally to achieve the energetic aims or to obtain submitted subsidies. This is especially important for German KfW 55 and 40 buildings, passive houses and nearly zero-energy buildings. With view to the EPBD it is essential that handcrafts, energy consultants, planners and architects are well schooled in this topic.
At the same time, highly efficient buildings must have a ventilation concept which ensures hygienic air exchange while preventing mould and dampness and minimizing indoor air pollutants.